wordpress development

When people think about WordPress websites they are likely to equate them with blogging, and for good reason. WordPress originated as a blogging content management system (CMS). WordPress has now grown to become the most popular software platform for all types websites.

WordPress websites are easy for non-technical people to update and manage. Website administration is performed by logging into a control panel with any web browser. Once logged in, all the management functions are available through an easy to navigate menu system.

Here are some statistics from business2community.com that demonstrate how widespread WordPress has become.

There are currently over 60 million worldwide installations of WordPress, that means it is used for one in every six websites.
It is used by over half of the websites with content management systems.
WordPress is an open source platform, meaning that the operating software is free.
There are hundreds of volunteers around the world who are continuously working to improve functionality and security.
Updates are free and automatic. Whenever updates are available, notifications will appear in the control panel and are easily applied from there.
WordPress has been translated and localized into over 73 languages, so content can be delivered worldwide.
WordPress is search engine friendly. There are built in search engine optimization (SEO) features to help it rank better with search engines. And there are many plugins available to improve SEO even more. A WordPress website that is properly configured can be very competitive with search engines.

WordPress websites can be made responsive. A responsive website is a single site that displays and operates effectively on devices ranging from desktop computers to smartphones. This ability is becoming more important all the time because mobile phones are a major point of internet access, and they are projected to become the dominant mode of access within a few years. Pew Research Center reports that 57% of American adults access the internet with their cell phones. According to Trinity Digital Marketing, the internet is being accessed worldwide by over 1.2 billion people using cell phones.

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