HyperText Markup Language, (HTML5), is a standard markup language you use to create web pages. It is the latest version of the standard that defines HTML and it represents the following concepts: 1. a larger set of technologies that permits more powerful and diverse applications and websites. 2. A new version of the language with advanced features, elements and behaviors. There are several new features that offer a world of opportunities. A list of benefits is below.

Built-In Video/Audio Playback: It does not require you to use third-party programs because it comes with full support for audio and video.

Offline Caching: It allows visitors to load certain elements on a webpage without an active Internet connection.
Browser Cross-Compatibility: It is cross-compatible with all major web browsers.

Mobile Optimization: Many businesses without mobile versions of their websites are losing customers. These customers are less likely to return and are less likely to purchase from a company with a poor performing website. HTML5 is optimized for creating mobile websites and applications. You do not need horizontal scrolling and you can browse more efficiently.

Cleaner Code: It is designed to offer code that is cleaner and easier for developers. It is optimized for improved search engine readability.

HTLM5 helps to solve compatibility problems and provides 1 common interface that makes loading elements easier. Almost fifty percent of your visitors will judge your company based on your website’s design. A full-service web design company can provide professional web design and web development. Their staff can take the time to identify your company’s objectives and target demographic and help your business prosper online.

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