Wordpress vs Drupal

While custom-designed websites certainly have their place on the web, these websites are generally more complicated to manage as a newbie to coding and web design. It is not always the best use of time for you to learn all about web design simply to make a website for your business, especially when you can use web design services that produce high quality and polished results.

It is ideal to consider content management systems such as WordPress as this will make it easy for you to maintain your business website after it has been completed by a professional web designer.

More Plugins to Choose From
Having over 27,000 plugins is not only an impressive number to choose from, but it just means you have that many more options to get your website looking and functioning the way you want it to. Whether a web designer implements your preferred plugins or you do it on your own, there is no denying that this many plugins is a huge positive compared to Drupal and Joomla that have far fewer plugins.

Greater Selection of Themes
While the other content management systems have a decent number of themes to choose from, you cannot go wrong with over 2,000 free themes with WordPress. All of these options means that you should not feel the need to spend more money on a premium theme as there are many excellent free ones.

Reducing the initial costs for your business website will help in just about every way, especially when it comes to recouping the overall expenses for getting your website put together.

Easy for Newbies to Use
Although Drupal and Joomla are great content management systems, they require a considerable amount of skill and knowledge to use to their fullest potential. However, WordPress allows even newbies to utilize the content management system completely, which is a major convincing reason to choose this CMS.

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