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WordPress is an open-source content management system or better known as CMS. There are many reasons, including its ease-of-use, which has made WordPress the most popular web design software available. Here are a few definitions which pertain to WordPress that you may not know.

  1. Content Management System (CMS) – is a program that allows the modification and management over the content in a blog or website. Content includes, but not limit to, text, videos, extensions and pictures.
  2. Open-Source – Source code which makes up a program or software. It is usually free and can be given away or modified as needed by anyone.

WordPress has both definitions built into its platform and some of it’s strengths lies in the multiple support for the program and the ease of installing it. A WordPress websites provides users a vast amount of options, or as WordPress developers calls them, extensions which can make a website look great, be user friendly and become whatever the web developer wants it to be.

Here are a few types of websites that can be built by using WordPress:

Small business websites, corporate websites, personal websites, church websites, non-profit websites, organization websites, commerce websites, magazine websites, directory websites and newspaper websites.

As you can see WordPress can be used to design just about every type of website or blog needed. Here are 7 more advantages for using a WordPress web design.

  1. Plugins – Also known as add-ons, provide a simple and easy-to-use way of giving design and structure to your WordPress website or blog. Because there are thousands of different plugins available for a WordPress website a web developer can pick and choose exactly what their client needs.
  2. Multiple users – Most websites made with a store bought software program does not allow multiple people to contribute to the website unless they own the the exact software. One example is a restaurant owner may want to change his online menu prices. WordPress allows for multiple people to access the website.
  3. Cost effective software – WordPress is Free! Even though there are many WordPress website templates which are also free, the enhanced templates that developers have made are sold at an affordable price. Note that most professional web developers may pay for an advanced WordPress platform they use to better service their clients. Even so, it is more cost effective for the customer because they are using WordPress.
  4. Developers Love it – It is recommended that any business needing a website or needing to update an existing website hire a professional to design it. Developers who design professional websites like how WordPress allows them the freedom to build a website exactly the way their customers wants it.
  5. Customization – A WordPress website can be customized to how people want their websites to look and act. Because people have different taste and businesses want their websites to be different from competitors, it is necessary to have a software platform that can be easily customized. WordPress is that type of program.
  6. Security – Who likes spam? Nobody! When CMS were first used spam was able to get into the comments of a blog or website. WordPress developers are focused on protecting their users and is well known for the security of its program.
  7. Ecommerce – With so many people electing to start their own online business what better way then with a WordPress website. WordPress gives a variety of choices to make a person’s ecommerce site look they way they want and also to add the payment gateway they need for their customers to buy.

There are so many more advantages to having a WordPress website, so if you are needing a website developed or have questions about the advantages of WordPress feel free to contact us.