Yesterday, we looked at different ways of preventing spam comments on your WordPress website. One of those prevention measures was to download Akismet: the anti-spam plugin. Here, we take a deeper look into Akismet and the discuss the benefits of downloading this plugin for your WordPress website.

Akismet was developed by the people behind WordPress itself and is now one of the default plugins of WordPress that comes with every core installation. It works by automatically checking all comments on your WordPress site and filtering out any content that are considered spam. Akismet filters comments and contact form submissions by checking them against their global database of spam, which greatly decreases the chance of your site from publishing malicious content. You will also have a status history for each comment, so you can see which comments were found to be spam by either Akismet or the moderator. Moderators are also able to review the number of approved comments for each users, as well as check the URLs in comments and remove any suspicious links. There’s also a discard system that will outright block the worst spam, which can save you disk space and ultimately speed up your website.

The plugin is free for personal websites and blogs. However, businesses and commercial websites will have to subscribe to their monthly plans. Fortunately, it is comparatively cheap and extremely reliable compared to other anti-spam plugins. For more information on their pricing options, then be sure to visit their website: