A few weeks ago, we looked at the WordPress plugin by Yoast that created an easy ‘how to’ guide for website SEO. Another thing we have to keep in mind when we think SEO and visitor engagement is simple, but often neglected: the website’s speed. Why is this so important? Well it is fairly simply – studies have found that up to 40% of people will leave a website if they found that the website is loading to slowly. It also does not help your search engine ranking either. Slow sites are far more likely to be pushed back when potential customers google key terms.

So is my site slow? Sometimes it is fairly obvious that you’re dealing with a slow site, but it’s good to get a ranking from GTMetrix too. GTMetrix works by testing your website speed from a remote server and then giving it a ranking from A to F. Basically, A & B is good, E & F is bad. Fortunately, GTMetrix will give you a list of the potential problems that are causing your website to run slowly and recommendations on how to improve your site. Be sure to visit their website and give it a go for yourself. There are a lot of changes that people can make by themselves, but to increase your website to even greater speeds and have new users stay on your site for even longer, then you might want to bring in extra help.

MaxCDN is a content delivery network (CDN) that works by decreasing the time it takes for content to reach the user. This is done by putting static content like images, videos, downloads, and stylesheets on MaxCDN servers that are spread around the world. When this is done, the content becomes closer to the user and thus faster to download on their end. This substantially increases the speed of your website and is far more likely to keep users engaged in your website. It should also have a very positive impact on your SEO as well.

If you feel that your website could benefit from a CDN, then MaxCDN might be right for you. Please visit their website by clicking here for more information.  Also, remember that a website’s speed may be affected by a variety of factors and often sites that are a little slow might have some very simple solutions to fix them. For a review of your site and a free guide to fix some common website errors, then please contact us by clicking here.