When a new website is up or a new product is launched, it is important for many businesses to have a section devoted to frequently asked questions (FAQs) as apart of their PR campaign. What’s more important is that, as your product or business grows, so will the FAQs. That’s where Quick and Easy FAQs comes in. Quick and Easy FAQ’s is a plugin that, as the name suggests, provides a quick and efficient way to add FAQs as custom post types and later on displaying those FAQ’s as shortcodes, including options to display FAQs in a list or toggle style, grouped, or filterable by group (this page will show you how). You should also be able to change, edit, and customize to some degree your FAQ with ease. Though it doesn’t have a ton of fancy features, Quick and Easy FAQ has been highly praised for doing exactly what it says on the box.

To download this free plugin for your website, then click here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/quick-and-easy-faqs/