Though WordPress has a user register feature, which is found in the Settings (General) on the admin panel, it is not a very user friendly system as the user has to find the login URL to get the register option. Likewise, it is limited to a two-field form, where users can only enter a username and a password. This is where the User Registration plugin by WPEverest comes in. User Registration uses a simple drag-and-drop system so you can fully customize your website with many different fields including password confirmation, username, first and last name, user bio, and more. This will allow you to create a frontend user registration in no time at all. You’ll also be treated to extra features including unlimited registration forms, multi-column support, email notifications, and more. Not to mention the extended features by purchasing the premium addons.

To download this free plugin for your WordPress website, then click here: If you would like to consider their premium version, then click here for more information on pricing: